Greg Long Big Wave Surfer Talks About His Fight Back to the Top After Nearly Drowning


Greg Long, award winning and renowned professional big wave surfer joins the show.

Big wave surfing is a sport of confidence where participants will themselves over the edge of 50 ft mountains of water.

On this episode we speak to Greg about what is like to survive a near drowning and then trying to find your confidence again.

We speak with him about when he almost died surfing giant waves at the mysto spot Cortez Bank, 6 hours off the coast of California.

He takes you inside the two wave hold down that almost ended his life and remembers the exact decisions he made before his oxygen expired.

We dive into the process of fighting back after an almost tragic accident to get the top again and have the confidence to surf big waves.

Greg’s candor allows the listener to really gain insight into his struggles to return to form how a world class athlete shakes it off and finds fulfillment once again.

Check out this rare conversation where a top performer lets you in his head very humble and candid conversation.

A must listen.

Anatomy of a Monster Drug Deal, A Smuggler’s Tale


Over 20 years ago, one of the biggest drug deals in history was about to go down, but there was a problem, the cops knew too much.  Ex-smuggler and author Brian O’Dea joins the show to discuss the details of the deal and how he got away with it – at least for the moment.

This interview sounds like the script from Blow and has all the elements from danger to adrenalin. Join the show and hear how one man crashed planes, escaped the law, made millions and survived to tell the tale. This is just one of the many stories from Brian’s book High: Confessions of an International Drug Smuggler.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How Brian started with $500 and rolled it into $150,000,000
  • Learn from the inside how Brian created a strategy to bring the contraband into the U.S.
  • And how he was able to foil the authorities in this cloak and dagger story

And much more.

The Show Notes