Inexhaustible Sex, Reinvent Your Sex Life and Live Longer the Taoist Way.


Author Daniel Lee Reid joins the show to discuss Taoist sex practices and how they can revolutionize your relationship.

Five thousand years ago in China, a period of learning about the body and living longer was realized. Focusing on the body’s energy could lead to feeling better, staying healthier, and living longer.

What the Taoists discovered unlocked several different ways of increasing energy, including Chi Gong, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi. These practices have worked for thousands of years and today they are being proven to work, using science. One of these practices that is not as well-known is sure to change your sex life.

Today we discuss how the Taoists approached sex and why you might want to consider trying out their methods, which are guaranteed to improve your relationship and allow you to enjoy sex as often as you would like, even several times a day.

Tune in and listen as Daniel shares his knowledge and get set to boost your energy, your libido, and experience a whole new way to approach your sexual encounters.

One thought on “Inexhaustible Sex, Reinvent Your Sex Life and Live Longer the Taoist Way.”

  1. Very interesting discussion! Haven’t heard this discussed in almost 45 years and wish my husband were still alive to practice this. Excellent listen! (Loved the Doors at the end too!) Thank you for sharing the information and your personal experience!

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