Garry Connery

Sky Dive Without a Parachute and Live, Stuntman Gary Connery Talks


Above: Proximity Flying in the Mountians, Gary later performed in  opening ceremonies of the Olympics as the Queen’s stunt double.

The first man to jump from a helicopter then land on the ground  below safely, with out a parachute.

Getting lit on fire and jumping from a building.

Exiting a speeding car.

All part of the job description for Gary Connery.

Gary joins the show to discuss these stunts and more.

We dive into the psychology of the job, knowing when to go and when not to go, and what skills one develops from jumping off tall things.

Check out Gary’s historical jump without a parachute here.

You can also learn much more about him on his website.

If you are inspired by Gary’s passion, sponsor him for a one of a kind stunt.

Contact him at his website above.

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