Freediving and Renegade Science. One Mans Odyssey Beneath the Ocean


James of Nestor, author, comes on the show to discuss his personal underwater odyssey. His discoveries along the way lead to his wonderful book, DEEP Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves.

The story begins with the Freediving Championships in Greece.

As a life long ocean lover James was intrigued then repulsed by what he saw in Greece. He talks about getting to know some of the contestants after the competition and gets inspired by them in surprising ways.

James ends up stumbling upon others who also have pushed their human limits to discover, explore and learn from the last unknown realm on earth, the ocean.

From talking to whales, to going 2500ft below sea level in a DIY submarine in Honduras, James discusses his adventures and how the human body is at home in the ocean.

Join us and listen.

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