Are Dolphins Brilliant? Dolphin Society, Language, and Behavior A 30 Year Study.


Imagine what you would learn observing a dolphin pod for over 30 years.

This exactly what our guest Denise Herzing did for 5 months a year over 3 decades with a pod of Atlantic dolphins.

What she learned will excite you about the power of nature and certainly shed light onto how much intelligence these sentient beings have.

Tune in and hear her story as she discusses how dolphins families function, what it means to be part of a dolphin community, and just how bright they can be.

We also delve into dolphin language and how technology is making it easier to learn to communicate.

Anyone who loves the ocean will enjoy this show.

Denise is an author, scientist, and Ted talk participant learn how to support her work here.

Massacres, Rigged Elections, and Bananas: The Sordid Tale of the United Fruit Company


Peter Chapman, Financial Times reporter and author of Bananas: How the United Fruit Company Changed the World, joins the show to discuss a fascinating history of Central America known by few. This is an intriguing story that has inspired many from the Latin region to speak up, from Che Guevara to Pablo Neruda.
He covers the rise of United Fruit Company, one of the most powerful companies in the world during the early to mid 1900’s, and its integral part in forming many of Central America’s nations. For 100 years the company controlled most of the region; they rigged elections and massacred people, all while building their banana empire.
Peter also talks about how United Fruit Company set the blueprint for multinational companies today.
Enjoy the show.

Freediving and Renegade Science. One Mans Odyssey Beneath the Ocean


James of Nestor, author, comes on the show to discuss his personal underwater odyssey. His discoveries along the way lead to his wonderful book, DEEP Freediving, Renegade Science, and What the Ocean Tells Us About Ourselves.

The story begins with the Freediving Championships in Greece.

As a life long ocean lover James was intrigued then repulsed by what he saw in Greece. He talks about getting to know some of the contestants after the competition and gets inspired by them in surprising ways.

James ends up stumbling upon others who also have pushed their human limits to discover, explore and learn from the last unknown realm on earth, the ocean.

From talking to whales, to going 2500ft below sea level in a DIY submarine in Honduras, James discusses his adventures and how the human body is at home in the ocean.

Join us and listen.

Inexhaustible Sex, Reinvent Your Sex Life and Live Longer the Taoist Way.


Author Daniel Lee Reid joins the show to discuss Taoist sex practices and how they can revolutionize your relationship.

Five thousand years ago in China, a period of learning about the body and living longer was realized. Focusing on the body’s energy could lead to feeling better, staying healthier, and living longer.

What the Taoists discovered unlocked several different ways of increasing energy, including Chi Gong, Acupuncture, and Tai Chi. These practices have worked for thousands of years and today they are being proven to work, using science. One of these practices that is not as well-known is sure to change your sex life.

Today we discuss how the Taoists approached sex and why you might want to consider trying out their methods, which are guaranteed to improve your relationship and allow you to enjoy sex as often as you would like, even several times a day.

Tune in and listen as Daniel shares his knowledge and get set to boost your energy, your libido, and experience a whole new way to approach your sexual encounters.

How Hernan Cortes Conquered The Aztecs


Author Buddy Levy joins the show to discuss his book Conquistador: Hernan Cortes, King Montezuma, and the Last Stand of the Aztecs.

We discuss the story of a driven conquistador and what led to the defeat of an Aztec King.

Before this happened there was series of events that led to Hernan Cortes gaining the upper hand despite being out numbered 100 to 1.

Listen and find out how the story unfolded and get glimpse into Mexico 500 years ago.

Once you have heard the story you can’t help but think fate was the decision maker of this epic tale.




Sky Dive Without a Parachute and Live, Stuntman Gary Connery Talks


Above: Proximity Flying in the Mountians, Gary later performed in  opening ceremonies of the Olympics as the Queen’s stunt double.

The first man to jump from a helicopter then land on the ground  below safely, with out a parachute.

Getting lit on fire and jumping from a building.

Exiting a speeding car.

All part of the job description for Gary Connery.

Gary joins the show to discuss these stunts and more.

We dive into the psychology of the job, knowing when to go and when not to go, and what skills one develops from jumping off tall things.

Check out Gary’s historical jump without a parachute here.

You can also learn much more about him on his website.

If you are inspired by Gary’s passion, sponsor him for a one of a kind stunt.

Contact him at his website above.

The History of the Mexican Drug Trade With Insider Ioan Grillo


What is like to report on some of the richest most dangerous people in the world?

Ioan Grillo comes on to discuss the history of the Mexican Drug Trade, how it began, which cartels are dominating and why.

There was a distinct moment when power shifted from the Colombians to the Mexicans and it had to do with Ronald Reagan. Find out what that was and many other insights on this informative episode.

Ioan also wrote one of best books about the Drug Trade in Mexico called El Narco.

Check it out here on his website.


Hell Man Mark Healey Discusses Riding Sharks and Giant Waves


Photo Credit: Fred Pompermayer

Mark Healey discusses spearfishing, riding sharks, and how to stay calm when a 50-ft. wave pounds you. A long-time water enthusiast, Mark reveals how he gets ready for giant surf and how to tell if a shark is right for riding.

Josh and Mark also discuss breathing techniques and strategies. An inspiring discussion that we hope will motivate you to start your own ocean adventure.

Show Notes

Learn More About Mark Healey here.

Check out Mark riding sharks and giant waves.

Mark offers elite access to incredible ocean experiences here.

Mark is grateful to his sponsors:

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Rainforest Activist and Globetrotter Rhett Butler Talks Jungle Issues


Being charged by an ape or walking through miles of the oldest rainforests – this is the life of an environmental news reporter.

Rhett Butler, founder of the environmental news site, joins the show.

Find out what it is like to have a giant ape stare you down or how it feels to be in the presence of an her of elephants.

Rhett also tells us how technology is being used in creative ways to monitor protected animals and slow deforestation. Join us for a great conversation and get some insight into what it’s like to cover nature in far flung places.

The Show Notes

Learn more about Rhett Butler here.

Who Were the Zapatistas and Why You Should Love Them


The Best Post-Modern Revolution

The Zapatista uprising happened over 20 years ago, on January 1, 1994. On that day, indigenous peoples poured onto the streets of cities like San Cristobal De Las Casas.

They were armed, they were poor, they spoke for all the oppressed people. Their strong leadership and planning led to one of the most storied and respected revolutions of post-modern times.

How did this revolution that took place in the southern state of Mexico, called Chiapas unfold? And what has changed since then?
Hilary Klein, author of Compañeras: Zapatista Women’s Stories, talks about the Zapatista movement and how it inspired grass-roots support from all over the world, galvanized behind a message that we can all champion.

Show Notes
You can buy Hilary’s book here